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In December 2017, I contacted the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and asked where I could find my Supplemental Excerpts of Record and was told that since I submitted a paper copy, after the case closed they destroyed the documents.  In 2016, I published my memoir, telling my readers to go into the Ninth Circuit Court and review files that weren’t even there.  Luckily I still had most of the documents I used in my eDiscovery. I filed in federal court sometime in February 2009.  Important statements and comments are in green.

I am not auditor or fraud investigator.  I mainly hold an undergraduate degree in Philosophy Prelaw and a Masters in Business Administration. I did some auditing and undercover work during my years as a legal student. In 2009 in preparation for litigation, I benchmarked the National Guards pay policy with the Department of Defense and discovered the financial error. In 1996-7, National Guard Bureau should have made a financial change from a deregulated performance or pay policy to a regulated one.  During the administration of President George W. Bush, the financial error was undetected, until I complained in federal court that the National Guard had never been through a financial audit, and is keeping old regulations on the books.   Most people don’t connect the Guards performance policy to other Bush deregulated markets that collapsed.  My confidence was broken and I was emotionally hurt by my dealings with the US National Guard because it left me with those dreadful thoughts of slavery and the Jim Crow era. It has been very difficult to persuade people that in reviewing the Department of Defense and National Guards records it incited financial thoughts of slavery and the 1950’s Jim Crow Era.  I hope you see through my eyes what caused me so much emotional pain.

The Ninth Circuit declined to review the deregulated pay policy because it collided with the military 1950s Feres doctrine. While at the district court, in 2009, the National Guard officials attempted to delete its error and bar review. Then, it motioned the appeals court to strike the financial documents and other information from the record. The National Guard made the financial change from a deregulated to a regulated performance policy without disclosing its misstatements or publicly acknowledging the error.  In this eBook I provide all of the material changes made from 1996 – 2009 at the state and federal levels.  In my memoir I cover years 2009 -2014.

Federal Case Title: Johnson v. Departments of the Army and Air Force et al

I created a FREE eBook filled with the regulations I used in my eDiscovery.  Click here to read this book.