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Still Waiting: A Memoir

“Still Waiting”, author Janetra Johnson’s preserved a historical account of the Guards financial policies and performance illusions between 1997 and 2014.  In the book, Janetra takes you inside the Guard, during a time when the Department of Defense or Pentagon should have been audit ready.  She filed her federal lawsuit in 2009 and was one… Continue reading Still Waiting: A Memoir

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: A Veteran’s Story to Healing

One group that has received little attention in the psychological literature, with regards to issues of race as related to the practice of psychology, is the military. The military is a unique cultural entity that most people think provides soldiers of African descent with the system and resources they need to serve in the U.S.… Continue reading Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: A Veteran’s Story to Healing

National Guard Financial Review

FINANCIAL REVIEW: FACT CHECK In December 2017, I contacted the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and asked where I could find my Supplemental Excerpts of Record and was told that since I submitted a paper copy, after the case closed they destroyed the documents.  In 2016, I published my memoir, telling my readers to go… Continue reading National Guard Financial Review